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for your wellness vacation in Leogang - SalzburgerLand

Ayurveda massages at Wellness Hotel Leonhard in Leogang, SalzburgerLand
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This Indian full-body massage with warm ayurvedic oils removes blockages and stimulates the immune system. It promotes blood flow and wakens the skin's natural self-healing powers, as well as those of the entire body. And above all, it is soothing, relaxing and detoxifying.  Abhyanga - so they say - adds many years to your life and much life to your years.
70 mins.€92,-- enquire now


A soothing massage of the head, face and décolleté. It reduces worry, relieves stress and anxiety by harmonizing head and heart..
40 mins.€55,-- enquire now


These forehead treatments help with neurological complaints, migraines and neurodermatitis, soothing the vegetative system, helping with sleeping disorders and making you beautiful.
60 mins.€82,-- enquire now

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