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Massages at Wellness Hotel Leonhard in Leogang, SalzburgerLand

Classical Massages

Wellness Treatments: "Massages" DurationPrice

Head Massage

Promotes blood circulation in the scalp and reduces headache.
15 mins.€ 19,-- enquire now

Facial Massage

Special massage of the facial muscles and the décolleté with fine avocado oil. Makes the skin beautiful and relaxed.
20 mins.€ 26,-- enquire now

Head & Facial Massage

This fascinating combination frees you from stress, is highly relaxing and makes you fit for the day ahead.
35 mins.€ 40,-- enquire now

Partial Body Massage

Targeted massage of the back, shoulders and neck, or the legs.
25 mins.€ 33,-- enquire now

Full-Body Massage

Deep massage to loosen muscles, relieve tension and blockages.
50 mins.€ 52,-- enquire now

Relaxation Massage

A gentle full-body massage with hot essential oils, fragrance of your choosing.
50 mins.€ 54,-- enquire now

Sports Massage

Powerful partial massage to loosen muscles with the help of a sports liniment, perfect before or after strenuous physical activity.
25 mins.€ 38,-- enquire now

Intensive Sports Massage

Intensive back and leg massage with sports liniment, during which the muscles are powerfully kneaded, tapped, stretched and loosened with long-lasting benefits. The focus is on targeting tension and hardening in the muscles. Ideal for those who want to stay fit and keep active in sports.
50 mins.€ 52,-- enquire now

Massage Mix

Choose between different pairs of massages, i.e. partial body massage & foot reflexology massage, or perhaps an anti-stress massage & lymphatic drainage,…
50 mins.€ 62,-- enquire now

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