Cosmetics from Maria Galland & Ligne St. Barth

at Wellness Hotel Leonhard in Leogang - SalzburgerLand

Maria Galland at Wellness Hotel Leonhard in Leogang - SalzburgerLand
Maria Galland at Wellness Hotel Leonhard in Leogang - SalzburgerLand
Beauty & Cosmetics Treatments DurationPrice

Standard Facial

With care products selected especially for your skin type, you will be able to choose between Maria Galland and Ligne St. Barth. Cleansing, peel, facial massage, mask and end-of-treatment look. You will be delighted about your refreshed, clean and clear complexion along with the long-term effects.
40 mins.€ 46,-- enquire now

Eye Mask (Soin Masque Modelant Yeux)

Toning modellage with algae for sensitive areas around the eyes. The thin and sensitive skin around the eyes is toned and smoothed.
30 mins.€ 36,-- enquire now

Toning facial mask (Soin Masque Modelant)

Intensive moisturizing, effective anti-aging care, as well as a regulating treatment for skin with impurities. It doesn't only provide spectacular lifting effects, it also treats a variety of problems associated with individual skin zones.
75 mins.€ 86,-- enquire now

Full Facial Treatment (Soin Pureté)

Cleansing that goes deep into the pores and provides for a sense of pure wellbeing. Frees the skin from impurities, thoroughly cleansing and clarifying. Your complexion becomes pure and unblemished, your pores are refined.
60 mins.€ 79,-- enquire now

3 D Toning Treatment (Soin Profilift)

Intensive toning treatment with that immediate "Wow!" effect. As if coming from within yourself, wrinkles fill out and contours look as if they have undergone a lift. For a face filled with relaxation, expression and zest for life.
60 mins.€ 86,-- enquire now

Smoothing Facial Mask (Soin Thalasso Visage)

A veritable power cure from the ocean. The refreshing algae mask tones the skin while at the same time providing highly concentrated, long-lasting moisture. All traces of fatigue appear to have been washed away - the perfect timeout for your skin.
60 mins.€ 82,-- enquire now

System Dermatologique

Ideal for women and men alike, who want to have immediately visible and tangible results, while at the same time restoring long-lasting balance to their skin. The dermo-cosmetic treatment from Maria Galland, which helps the skin help itself.
90 mins.€105,-- enquire now

Beauty just for men ...

Beauty Treatments for Men Duration Price 

Soin Homme Galland

Effective anti-aging treatment restoring power and vitality to a man's skin. A face and neck massage developed especially for men, in combination with select active ingredients, makes this treatment a glorious timeout for body and mind.                                     
60 mins. € 79,-- enquire now

Freshness Kick

Soothing short treatment for immediate radiance, includes cleansing, peel, massage, mask and the perfect final look.                         
40 mins. € 46,-- enquire now

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