Wellnesshotel Leonhard : Fit through life

for your wellness vacation in Leogang - SalzburgerLand

Fit through live
Fit through live

For a fit back

Effective back treatment with a mud pack and a part body massage

Wellness treatment DurationPrice

For a fit back for 1 person

50 mins.€63,-- enquire now

Fit for vacation

Instant relief for heavy, tired legs and for the prevention of vein problems
coolness legs pack and St. Barth slimness

Wellness treatment DurationPrice

Fit for vacation for 1 person

70 mins.€75,-- enquire now

Fit for the Bikini 

A visible and lasting body sculpting treatment for problem areas with Body Wrapping and Anti-Cellulite Massage

Wellness treatment DurationPrice

Fit for the bikini for 1 person

50 mins.€65,-- enquire now

Fit through live