Wellnesshotel Leonhard : Invigorating Feel-Good Baths

for your wellness vacation in Leogang - SalzburgerLand

Invigorating feel-good baths at Wellness Hotel Leonhard in Leogang, SalzburgerLand

Skincare for the highest of expectations

A feel-good bath at Wellness Hotel Leonhard in Leogang, with view of Salzburg's imposing mountain world, invites you to unwind and enjoy.

Everybody's skin needs protection and care. Even the mere anticipation of a soothing bath is an exciting thought! Their beneficial and healthful effects have long been no secret. And because doing things as a couple is simply more fun, all of our baths are also bookable for 2 people in 2 separate bathtubs.

Baths last 20 minutes

Rose-Petal Bath 

Immerse yourself in a very special form of bathing enjoyment. The harmonizing and invigorating rose-petal bath is refreshing, brightens your spirits and combats aging of skin cells. 

Wellness treatment: "Rose-Petal bath" DurationPrice

Rose-petal bath for 1 person

20 mins.€25,-- enquire now

Rose-petal bath for 2 people

20 mins.€45,-- enquire now

Goat-Milk Bath

A heavenly goat-milk bath guarantees you regenerating and therapeutic bathing enjoyment. Calcium and magnesium, as well as vitamins A and E, create a protective layer over the skin.

Wellness treatment "Goat-Milk Bath"DauerPreis

Goat-milk bath for 1 person 

20mins.€30,-- enquire now

Goat-milk bath for 2 persons

20mins.€55,-- enquire now

Stone-Pine-Bubble Bath

The Stone-Pine-Bubble Bath leaves the mind to rest and relax deeply. The stone pine is soothing and relieves the circulation.

Wellness treatment "Stone-Pine-Bubble Bath"DauerPreis

Stone-Pine-Bubble bath for 1 person 

20mins.€28,-- enquire now

Ston-Pine-Bubble bath for 2 persons

20mins.€48,-- enquire now

Lavender Bath

Pleasantly soothing bathing experience that brightens your spirits. A true dream that allows you to forget time and space.

Wellness treatment "Lavender Bath" DurationPrice

Lavender bath for 1 person

20 mins.€28,-- enquire now

Lavender bath for 2 persons

20 mins.€48,-- enquire now

Gold Bath

This crackling, powdery gold and gloriously fragrant bathing experience enchants, cares for your skin, and relaxes.

Wellness treatment "Gold Bath" DurationPrice

Gold Bath for 1 person

20 mins.€25,-- enquire now

Gold Bath for 2 persons

20 mins.€48,-- enquire now

St. Barth Dream

Enjoy a relaxing, intensively soothing beauty bath with exotic textures of skincare products. This unforgettable Caribbean fragrance experience gives your skin a long-lasting, satiny shimmer. 

Wellness treatment "St. Barth Dream" DurationPrice

St. Barth Dream for 1 person

20 mins.€35,-- enquire now

St. Barth Dream for 2 persons

20 mins.€60,-- enquire now

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