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Wellness treatments at Wellness Hotel Leonhard in Leogang

Inner balance and soothing skincare...

Activating Packs on the Softpack Bed

Wellness Treatment "Packs" DurationPrice


Body Wrapping is recommended for use in problem areas:
abdomen, waist, thighs and hips. The Body Wrapping causes a reduction in body size, strengthens the connective tissue, reduces cellulite, tightens the skin and breaks down small fat deposits.At least 2 cm less girth already after 1 treatment

30 Min.

€ 35,--

€ 60,--
enquire now

Mud Pack

Natural anti-inflammatory mud pack, highly recommended for rheumatic complaints. It relieves cramping, balances hormones, with benefits that penetrate deep into tissue.
40 Min.€ 39,-- enquire now

Algae Pack

This pack of pure algae detoxifies, removes excess fluid and tones.  The high iodine content stimulates cell metabolism and blood circulation.
40 Min.€ 42,-- enquire now

Hay Pack

This beneficial treatment provides strength in the face of fatigue and exhaustion, eases joint complaints and cramping, and is soothing overall.
40 Min.€ 42,-- enquire now

Evening Primrose Oil Pack

This soothing primrose oil pack counteracts aging processes in the skin, activates cells, invigorates and moisturizes. The extracts of the plant help the skin to regenerate rapidly, supplying it with sustained moisture.
40 Min.€ 40,-- enquire now

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