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Saunas help to fortify the body, improve health, cleanse the body and enhance your overall sense of wellbeing. From a medical point of view, it improves the body's defenses against cold-related illnesses, lowers blood pressure, stimulates the metabolism as well as the immune system.

If you feel "frozen through" , don't step into a sauna immediately. First you should go through a phase of acclimatization. This is something you can do in our Tepidarium or in our spa showers. Ensure that your pulse has reached its regular rate at rest before actually entering the sauna at our 4-star wellness hotel in Leogang.

Finnish Sauna

Finnish sauna at Wellness Hotel Leonhard

In our Finnish sauna, you will experience a sensation of pure enjoyment and a true delight for the senses - enhanced by new fragrances daily.

Prior to your first sauna session at our wellness hotel, you should always ensure that you have had plenty to drink - and be sure to shower beforehand, too. If you get too hot, you can always switch to a lower bench. One session in the sauna should last 8 to 15 minutes. Once you leave the sauna, give yourself plenty of opportunity to cool down, either with cold water, a shower or a walk outdoors.

You should always ensure you have ample cool-down time: on the one hand, continuing to sweat heavily might make you vulnerable to picking up a cold, while on the other, the positive effects of the sauna won't have a chance to take hold because the respiratory passages haven't sufficiently cooled-off.

Relaxing Afterwards

You should keep your legs raised and warm. Relaxing in air that's not too warm helps with relaxation.


Drink at least one liter after and during your sauna session!

  • temperature ca. 75 to 95 °C
  • humidity ca. 10 %, ca. 30 % after infusions
  • new sauna fragrances every day  
  • one sauna session lasts 8 to 15 minutes
  • 2 to 3 repetitions

Bio Sauna

If you always wanted to take a sauna, but were worried your cardiovascular system might be simply too weak, you should give the Bio Sauna a try. This type of sauna provides an ideal opportunity to combine measures aimed at improving your health with complete relaxation. If you go to the sauna regularly, you might even lower your blood pressure.

Pleasant setting at 4-star Wellness Hotel Leonhard in Leogang

Our Bio Sauna reaches a temperature of 55 °C to 65 °C along with a humidity of around 50%. This sauna allows you to stay a little longer, about 15 to 30 minutes.

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