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Massages at Wellness Hotel Leonhard in Leogang, SalzburgerLand

Classical Massages

Wellness Treatments: "Massages" DurationPrice

Head Massage

Promotes blood circulation in the scalp and reduces headache.
15 mins.€ 19,-- enquire now

Facial Massage

Special massage of the facial muscles and the décolleté with fine avocado oil. Makes the skin beautiful and relaxed.
20 mins.€ 26,-- enquire now

Head & Facial Massage

This fascinating combination frees you from stress, is highly relaxing and makes you fit for the day ahead.
35 mins.€ 40,-- enquire now

Partial Body Massage

Targeted massage of the back, shoulders and neck, or the legs.
25 mins.€ 33,-- enquire now

Full-Body Massage

Deep massage to loosen muscles, relieve tension and blockages.
50 mins.€ 52,-- enquire now

Relaxation Massage

A gentle full-body massage with hot essential oils, fragrance of your choosing.
50 mins.€ 54,-- enquire now

Sports Massage

Powerful partial massage to loosen muscles with the help of a sports liniment, perfect before or after strenuous physical activity.
25 mins.€ 38,-- enquire now

Intensive Sports Massage

Intensive back and leg massage with sports liniment, during which the muscles are powerfully kneaded, tapped, stretched and loosened with long-lasting benefits. The focus is on targeting tension and hardening in the muscles. Ideal for those who want to stay fit and keep active in sports.
50 mins.€ 52,-- enquire now

Massage Mix

Choose between different pairs of massages, i.e. partial body massage & foot reflexology massage, or perhaps an anti-stress massage & lymphatic drainage,…
50 mins.€ 62,-- enquire now

Wellness Treatments "Ayurveda Massages" DurationPrice


This Indian full-body massage with warm ayurvedic oils removes blockages and stimulates the immune system. It promotes blood flow and wakens the skin's natural self-healing powers, as well as those of the entire body. And above all, it is soothing, relaxing and detoxifying.  Abhyanga - so they say - adds many years to your life and much life to your years.
70 mins.€92,-- enquire now


A soothing massage of the head, face and décolleté. It reduces worry, relieves stress and anxiety by harmonizing head and heart..
40 mins.€55,-- enquire now


These forehead treatments help with neurological complaints, migraines and neurodermatitis, soothing the vegetative system, helping with sleeping disorders and making you beautiful.
60 mins.€82,-- enquire now
Wellness Treatments "Hot Stone Massage" DurationPrice

Hot Stone Massage - back

30 mins.€36,-- enquire now

Hot Stone Massage - back and legs

50 mins.€54,-- enquire now

Hot Stone Massage - head to toe

90 mins.€92,-- enquire now
Wellness Treatments "St. Barth" DurationPrice

St. Barth Slimness

Leg massage to remove blockages, resulting in rapid relaxation and alleviation of aches and pains for tired, heavy legs. Ivy, menthol and camphor, in combination with special massage techniques, will quickly get you back into peak form.
30 mins.€38,-- enquire now

St. Barth Chill-out

Full-body massage for deep relaxation using clams and warm avocado oil: gently relieves tension, reduces stress, stimulates lymphatic flow and intensively improves skin complexion.
90 mins.€110,-- enquire now

St. Barth Harmony

Gentle full-body massage with skincare products from the Caribbean. Long-lasting relaxation, vitality and beautifully kept skin, with a fragrance experience sure to captivate al of your senses.
60 mins.€ 79,-- enquire now

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