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"Beauty is in my hands"

  • Spa manicure

    50 minutes

    € 52,00

    My pleasant and intense “comfort treatment” for
    hands and nails with a fragrant hand bath, a magical
    peeling and a relaxing massage.

    Hand peeling € 12,00 Varnishing € 10,00


    20 minutes

    € 24,00

    Indulgence treatment for tender hands
    After a gentle hand peeling and a highly effective
    essence, my hands are wrapped in soft care foam.
    The subsequent deeply relaxing massage relaxes and
    indulges my skin.

    Combined with another beauty treatment: € 18,-


"well-tended feet"

  • Spa pedicure

    50 minutes

    € 54,00

    My relaxing “indulgence treatment” for feet and
    nails with a vitalising foot bath, a foot peeling and an
    activating massage.

    Foot peeling € 12,- Varnishing (varnish to take with you) € 10,-


    20 Minuten

    € 24,00

    Give me wonderfully soft feet
    After a foot peeling and having a rich cream gently
    rubbed in, my feet are bedded in wonderfully soft foam.
    Effective and nurturing substances can penetrate
    deep into my skin and make rough skin supple again.
    The foot massage sustainably indulges my feet.

    Combined with another beauty treatment: € 18,00

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